Considering the importance of the poet Guilherme de Almeida as a translator, the museum that carries his name also serves as a Center for Literary Translation Studies, apart from its museological and educational activities. Established in 2009 and growing ever since, the Center provides a greater number of people with the opportunity to grasp the art of literary and poetic translation, an activity that is largely undervalued or even overlooked in the reception of foreign literary works in Portuguese and whose studies are mostly restricted to academia.

The Center encourages the spread of literary translation through teaching, research, publishing and special events. The teaching program consists of courses, workshops, lectures and debates designed to cover all aspects of literary translation and related areas - which include areas in which Guilherme de Almeida was active - such as literature and poetry, critical interpretation, literary theory and comparative literature, leading on to language and communication studies with particular focus placed on intersemiotic translation.

Accepting its first students in August 2013, the Vocational Program for Literary Translators arose from the experience garnered after four years of activities coordinated by the Center. The program introduces participants to the theoretical, historical and practical aspects of translation. Literary translation is also the focus of the event TRANSFUSÃO - The Casa Guilherme de Almeida Translators Conference, which is usually held in September. This annual gathering is held to promote exchange between Brazilian and overseas authors and translators and to disseminate the current schools of thought and production in this field.

As part of its strategy to foment translation and encourage reflection on the subject, the Center works in conjunction with other institutions. The literary translation database, for example, is partnered by the University of Birmingham and its Hispanic Studies students.

In partnership with the Fundação Biblioteca Nacional (National Library Foundation) in Rio de Janeiro, the Center is also part of the Residency Program for Translators in Brazil, which aims to encourage the translation and publication of Brazilian authors internationally. Together with the Graduate Translation Studies Course at the Federal University of Santa Catarina (UFSC) and the Fluminense Federal University (UFF), the Center is part of the scholarship selection process, giving the opportunity for them to exhibit their work through courses, lectures and workshops in São Paulo. 

The Center for Literary Translation Studies focuses its publishing activities primarily on works related to literature, literary translation and the legacy of Guilherme de Almeida. The poetic production of this writer is also the central topic of investigation of the Guilherme de Almeida Research Group which was formed in 2011 and consists of specialists and those interested in literature. Every year in July, the month of the poet's birth and death, the Center holds the Guilherme de Almeida Week, promoting events linked to his literary works and addressing other areas of interest to writers.

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